Our weighbridge designs have been widely appreciated owing to their ability to weigh heavy duty vehicles accurately, despite harsh industrial environments in different parts of the country. We offer weighbridges in Concrete & Steel Platforms (Pit-type and Pit-less) that have rugged build quality and are supported with excellent after sales services. Contact us to know more and to help you choose the right type of weighbridge based on your applicable location and use, or click on the button below to see more.

Concrete Platform Weighbridges

Concrete platform weighbridges are fast gaining popularity because of numerous advantages they have over the steel structure weighbridges. Concrete platforms are very economical, extremely rugged, maintenance free, high in performance & have longer life than steel structures. Concrete platform weighbridges are available as pit-type or pit-less structures, and can have modified designs (dimensionally and electronically) as per client requirements. Four, six or eight load cells may be installed based on the length of the weigh bridge platforms.

Steel Platform Weighbridges

Traditional steel platform weighbridges are available as pit-type or pit-less structures as well, are easy to install and their design can be customized as per client specifications. A surface mounted platform is either a multiple modular steel fabricated structure or it can be a simple longitudinal RSJ sections with smaller size RSJ sections placed between the two longitudinal sections. Plates are bolted on the top with anti-skid strips. Depending on the length of the platform four, six, eight or ten loadcells may be used. Surface mounted platforms are usually 14-18 inches above the ground level.

Pit Mounted structures are assembled on a civil foundation within the pit. The platform is usually flushed to the ground. It constitutes number of high quality longitudinally placed RSJs on two, three or four transoms and four, six, eight or ten loadcells may be used depending upon the length of the platform. Steel plates with anti-skid strips are fitted on the top on the top. For more information and a comprehensive comparison please contact us.

Choice of Loadcells

Both concrete and steel platform weighbridges are available with analog loadcells as well as our newly developed digital loadcell system. Individually, both analog and digital loadcells are similar in terms of overall performance, and functionality. However, there are certain advantages of digital loadcells over analog loadcells in terms of overall security provided, accuracy and ease of use –

  • Digital loadcells incorporate an internal analog to digital conversion of signals which make it them relatively tamper proof.
  • Digital loadcell systems are self-calibrating, thus eliminating corner adjustments, reducing weighbridge commissioning time and providing higher accuracy.
  • Digital loadcells provide better diagnostics and higher level of error reporting for the weighbridge system, and thus additional security to the system from deliberate tampering.
  • Digital loadcells reduce the overall load distribution error across the weighbridge.