Our weighbridge designs have been widely appreciated owing to their ability to weigh heavy duty vehicles accurately, despite harsh industrial environments in different parts of the country. We offer weighbridges in Concrete & Steel Platforms (Pit-type and Pit-less) that have rugged build quality and are supported with excellent after sales services.

Concrete Pit-Type

Concrete Pit-Less

Steel Pit-Type

Steel Pit-Less

Choice of Loadcells



Both concrete and steel platform weighbridges are available with analog loadcells as well as our newly developed digital loadcell system. Individually, both analog and digital loadcells are similar in terms of overall performance, and functionality. However, there are certain advantages of digital loadcells over analog loadcells in terms of overall security provided, accuracy and ease of use –



  • Incorporate an internal analog to digital conversion of signals which make it them relatively tamper proof.


  • Are self-calibrating, thus eliminating corner adjustments, reducing weighbridge commissioning time and providing higher accuracy.


  • Provide better diagnostics and higher level of error reporting for the weighbridge system, and thus additional security to the system from deliberate tampering.


  • Reduce the overall load distribution error across the weighbridge.